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If you believe what we are doing is worthwhile, then please support us by becoming a member.  The revenue from our membership  funds our work, which has many aspects -  some of which  follow:- The Lost Ways Project  - looking for these ancient  paths involves countless  hours researching old maps and documents in the  Archives, as well as looking for evidence on the ground. It can  involve seeking out User Evidence, and  may end up with a  Public Inquiry.

As well as  compiling evidence for ancient lost ways, and in view of the Crow Act - we are also surveying the County for New Access Routes - this is  part of our long term “Access Strategy Plan”.    We are constantly striving to increase  the safety of all riders, whether on horse or bike,   by  seeking out alternative Safe Ways  that will take you off our busy narrow roads. 

We  also arrange Route Clearance days, and work closely with other organisations such  as the BTCV, National Park and National Trust to achieve our targets.



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By becoming a member, you will  receive regular News Letters with updates of what’s happening on the ROW scene as well as  details of Social Events and Pleasure Rides, a free copy of Ride the Cumbrian Fells suitable for Bikes and Horses

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